Vanessa Hudgens Thrills Fans In France

Nice to see stars who take time for their fans! Vanessa Hudgens gave a couple of admirers a thrill by stopping to sign autographs while out shopping in Paris, France on Tuesday (February 14). The look on the little girl’s face as she excitedly runs away with her autograph is priceless.

Vanessa is in town to promote and attend the French premiere of her latest film Journey 2: The Mysterious Island and brought along something from back home – boyfriend Austin Butler. The young couple have been seen around Paris engaging in some very public displays of affection – I guess they don’t call it the City Of Love for nothing.

But they might want to keep an eye out for paparazzi – Austin – who currently stars in ABC Family’s Switched At Birth – wasn’t too happy about some steamy photos that were snapped of him and Vanessa while the two were vacationing in Hawaii in January. “I’m a very private person… and I’m still very shy — it’s such a personal thing,” the 20-year-old actor told Access Hollywood. “It’s something that is sort of unavoidable.

“It goes with the territory, so I can’t complain, but it’s such an invasion,” he added.

“We were at a private hotel, so you don’t think that that’s going to be there, and then it ends up happening,” Austin said, pointing out that they were unaware they were being photographed. “Sometimes, during the day you’ll actually see [the photographers], but then there’s other times where they’re so far away that you don’t even know [they’re there].”


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