Taylor Swift Hangs With Friends In West Hollywood

Even after her Grammy wins last weekend, it looks like she’s still Jenny — I mean Taylor From The Block. Keeping it simple, Taylor Swift was spotted having a low-key afternoon visiting friends in West Hollywood, Calif. on Thursday (February 16).

The 22-year-old was dressed casually in skinny jeans topped with a mesh sweater, and sporting what seems to have become her trademark lately – oversized sunglasses.

Taylor won an award for Best Country Solo Performance for her song ‘Mean’ and got a few laughs for her acceptance speech. “There’s nothing like writing a song about someone who’s really mean to you and makes you life miserable,” she said, “and then winning a Grammy for it.”

Rumor has it ‘Mean’ is about music critic Bob Leftsetz, who frequently criticizes Swift saying she “can’t sing.” I guess Taylor showed Bob a thing or two when she was called to the stage again – to accept another Grammy for Best Country Song.

Photos: INFphoto.com


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