Miley Cyrus’ New Tattoo

She loves her ink – and apparently her boyfriend, too. Miley Cyrus showed off a new tattoo this weekend that could be interpreted as a declaration of love for beau Liam Hemsworth.

“Love Never Dies,” it reads, written in a script font on the singer’s inner arm.

A photo on shows a smiling Miley with her new ink, alongside a tattoo artist at Studio City Tattoo on Saturday night (February 18).

The former Hannah Montana star can add the latest artwork to her gallery of tattoos that includes the word “Love” in her right ear, “Just Breathe” tattooed above her left rib cage, and a Hindu religious symbol of “Om” on her left wrist.

In an interview last year Miley shed some light on her body art. “I have ‘Love’ right here to block out all the crap that everyone throws into your ears … I don’t really care about it.

“(You’re) only supposed to hear the things coming from the people that genuinely love you,” she said.


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  1. Dayana

    You are an amazing role model!

  2. why would you get a tatto!!!!!!!!!!!!! i would like to see more of your shows o and tti lilly is a better actres then you


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