Daniel Radcliffe Talks Bullying, Harry Potter and ‘Talent Crushes’ For Attitude Magazine

Daniel Radcliffe is on the cover of the March 2012 issue of Attitude magazine and inside the Woman In Black star dishes on everything from gay marriage to homophobic bullying in schools. On a lighter note, Daniel also confesses his latest “talent crush,” to which I can only say – get in line.

On being “a handful” as child: “I don’t think there’s been a time in my life when I haven’t gone up the stairs two at a time. I run everywhere…It’s why my parents didn’t have any more kids. I was enough, a handful. I was very sweet, polite and loved the company of adults from a young age, but all my school reports said the same thing: ‘Dan’s lovely, but he’s crap at the work and he talks too much.'”

On whether he ever regretted the notoriety that Harry Potter brought him: “Not really. Even in the darkest moments of my teenage years there was never a time when I thought, ‘I wish I’d never done this’. Okay, maybe once. Around the sixth film we found out my parents were being followed by a private investigator. That was a hard time and I thought, ‘This wouldn’t be happening if I wasn’t who I was’. But other than that, no: it’s given me everything, every opportunity I will ever get.”

On whether he’s ever had a crush on a guy: “Well, this year I have a talent crush on Ryan Gosling. I think he’s fantastic and you know he’d be nice afterwards. He seems smart. If I was gay I would go for a smart man.”

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