Sarah Hyland’s Boyfriend Matt Prokop To Play…Her Boyfriend

Art imitates life? Or is it the other way around? Sarah Hyland’s real-life boyfriend Matt Prokop will appear on Modern Family later this season playing the part of…her boyfriend! The young couple also recently starred in the Disney Channel’s movie Geek Charming as…a young couple. Is this typecasting?

In the upcoming episodes of Modern Family, Matt romances Sarah‘s character Hayley, after being introduced by Hayley’s mom Claire (Julie Bowen.)

In an interview on The View last year, Sarah, 20, and Matt, 21, talked about how they met and decided to move in together.

“We met at mix and match for High School Musical 3, but were never paired up,” Matt said, referring to a process where producers gauge actors’ chemistry with each other.

With Sarah in New York and Matt in L.A., the two started out as just friends – until the actress moved to the West Coast. It was then that she decided, “Okay, let’s try this [living together].”

And how is that working out for the couple? “I like it, I like it, I like it,” Sarah gushed. Ah, young love.

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    Sarah’s Tribeca movie called Conception just premiered. It’s available on demand here: link to

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