Josh Hutcherson’s Wild Ride

Born to be wild? Josh Hutcherson strapped on his goggles and hopped on his motorcycle for a little adventure on Saturday (February 25). The Hunger Games hunk looked like he was headed for the wide open road, but was reportedly on his way to a doctor visit in Beverly Hills, Calif. Well, at least he was wearing his helmet.

But there’s not a lack of excitement in Josh’s life. Besides gearing up for the much anticipated opening of The Hunger Games on March 23, the 19-year-old has set his sights on directing after creating a production company with his mom.

“I’ve always wanted to get behind the camera, but it takes a lot of time,” he said. “I don’t want to just go direct a movie and then hand it off to the editor. I want to do pre-production for three months, then production, then post (production) for five months, and edit it myself.

“So finding that time is important to me. I don’t want to half-a** it.”

And the ambitious actor already has his first project in mind: adapting Kate Morgenroth’s young adult novel Echo for the big screen, and then directing and starring in the film. Go Josh!


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