Nick Jonas Makes Precocious Cameo On ‘Smash’

The wait is over! Nick Jonas makes his cameo on NBC’s Smash on Monday night (February 27). Fans of the 19-year-old singer/actor might be surprised to see him play a cocky teen star named Lyle West.

Jonas tells MTV News, “Lyle is very precocious and definitely a bit different than I am in reality. But there are a lot of similarities too: Lyle started off in musical theater [and so did I]. That’s how he knows all the people involved in ‘Marilyn’ [the musical at the center of the show]. … He’s a fun character; I hope he can come back again.”

He says his scenes with Anjelica Huston was an “unbelievable experience.”

“Working with her was an unbelievable experience and she’s a legend, obviously. And was so great to talk to off-camera as well. Being in the room with her, first of all, was an honor and to be able to work opposite her in a scene was really interesting. It’s kind of an odd pair, she and I together kind of negotiating like that, but it’s sort of fun and sweet and works and that what was nice about finding that chemistry with her. I love her. I think she’s a ray of light.”

The episode airs tonight on NBC at 10 p.m. ET.

Jonas teased, “You [get] to see everything — almost everything. There’s quite a bit. If we’re gonna open that up, then there’s quite a bit that you didn’t see. But that’s why I have to come back.”

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