Cody Simpson & Justin Bieber Together? Never Say Never.

Cody Simpson has been busy in the studio putting together his album that will debut later this year, and it looks like he might have a little help from a friend. Having said in the past that there are “only a certain few (people) I like to work with,” Cody seems to have decided that Justin Bieber could be the right match.

“We have a bunch of ideas floating around at the moment,” Cody told about the possibility of working with Justin. “He just hit me up one time — ‘OK, come into the studio tonight.’ I dropped by and it was artist to artist…and you play some of the stuff you’ve been working on and Justin played me a lot of the stuff on his upcoming album.”

But the 15-year-old popstar – who just finished up the last dates on his Welcome To Paradise tour – isn’t confirming a collaboration just yet. “It has to be the right song, and whether or not we sing on it together or whether I write a song for his album or he writes a song for mine, I don’t know,” Cody teases.

“But we’ve been working together, and the fans are very excited.”

What do you think of Cody and Justin teaming up together?


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  1. vic143

    YAY! I love Cody so much, this is going to be great!

  2. X

    It will be interesting to see what they can come up with together. I’m usually disappointed at the end result of such collaborations but I think I set my expectations way to high!

  3. Cody. Is. Fifteen.

  4. Lisa



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