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Demi Lovato lovers in America already know the songs from her Unbroken record. Now her fans in the UK will be able to listen to her tunes and own the the album when it’s released there on March 5th. The 19-year-old singer talked to Metro about her music, Google, and being in treatment for personal issues.

On the song about her relationship with her estranged father: “I’ve never spoken about this. I wanted to write a song expressing the reasons why we don’t talk and to share my side of the story.”

On her lowest point: “When I went into treatment but I overcame it and I’m stronger than ever. Just underlying problems that I’d pushed off for many years. I should have got the help I needed a long time ago but I let it boil up, which wasn’t a healthy decision.”

On if she Googles herself:Everybody does. I like to see if my shoes went with the dress on the red carpet or how my hair looked at an event. You want to see how people react to your new video or songs.  You need to see what your fans like; you need to know what they think  and you have to go on the internet to see that. That doesn’t mean everyone has the right to say whatever they want on the internet. You just need to develop a selective ear and be able to see people are just being a hater for the sake of it.”

On if she’s ever thought of leaving the entertainment business: “Absolutely. I thought: ‘I’m exhausted, people don’t understand and so many people are being negative towards me.’ It’s hard. There are so many pressures that are put on to you when you’re in this industry. But I love doing it, I love singing, I don’t want to give that up just because the going gets tough.”

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