Taylor Swift: Stripes In Sydney

After a long flight from L.A. – Taylor Swift arrived in Sydney on Wednesday (February 29)  with her entourage. The 22-year-old singer wasted no time and jumped right onto a private plane to head to Perth, where her tour kicks off.

Swift is incorporating a more glitzy look to her concerts Down Under. Her Australian audiences will get to watch dancers and acrobats as part of the show.

Meanwhile it looks like she’ll be concentrating more on work than her love life. When she was in Los Angeles Swift hit some Oscar parties and was seen hanging out with Tim Tebow. However Swift is claiming she likes being single.

She told Access Hollywood recently, “I’m actually really good at being single. As much as I love to complain about it, I’m actually very independent and I’m fine. I’m really good by myself.”

Photos: INFphoto.com

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