Another Day Of Filming For ‘Gossip Girl’ Actors

The cast of Gossip Girl hit the streets of New York City on Monday afternoon (March 5). Leighton Meester, 25, and Ed Westwick, 24, were seen filming a scene on the Upper West Side.

Blake Lively, 24, and Elizabeth Hurley, 46, were also spotted on set.

Leighton – who plays Blair on the CW show – has said she’s grateful for her career.

She shared, “I moved to New York, which I wanted to do for a long time. I think about if I see something from (Gossip Girl) the first year. I think, Six months before that I was driving through Taco Bell in LA and wrapping pennies and just trying to make it. But I really am glad for those times. I’m really glad for these times, too!

Talking about her brother who is a dad she added, “You know, that has made me realize what really is important. It’s not money. I don’t want fame, I don’t want any of that for my life. I want to grow as an actor and a person and have my family and my life.”

Can’t wait for the new episodes. Exciting to have Elizabeth return as Diana Payne!


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