Vanessa Hudgens Goes Blonde For ‘Spring Breakers’

Vanessa Hudgens is a blonde! The Journey 2 actress lightened up while filming her latest movie, Spring Breakers with pals Ashley Benson and Selena Gomez. Turns out the new ‘do is really just a wig, but that didn’t stop Vanessa from having a little fun with it. She posted a picture of herself on her website and wrote:

It’s always been a mystery to me…do blondes really have more fun? time to find that out 🙂

Spring Breakers – currently filming on location in Sarasota, Florida – follows a band of college-age girls who rob a fast-food restaurant in order to afford a spring break trip to the Sunshine State. They get caught, and then meet up with a drug dealer – played by James Franco – who lures them into even more trouble.

In a recent interview Vanessa fessed up that she’s actually enjoying playing the part of a less-than-wholesome character. “It’s all done in the craziest manic way,” she said. “There’s a bit of craziness inside of me as well, so I’m excited to let loose.”

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