Demi Lovato Reveals Her ‘Rock And Roll’ Past

In Demi Lovato‘s recent MTV special, Stay Strong, the actress/singer opened up about her life post-rehab. But there’s one chapter of Demi’s life that wasn’t filmed for the documentary – her sometimes messy life on the road. During an interview with a New York City radio station on Thursday (March 8), the 19-year-old was asked about the most “rock and roll” thing she’s ever done.

“I break things. I’ve trashed dressing rooms just for the hell of it,” Demi admitted, adding that she once threw lunch meat on the ceiling just “for fun.”

“I like to throw things when I’m bored,” she said. “I was trying to catch the deli meat on the ceiling…it ended up turning into kind of a food fight!”

“I’ve done some pretty rock and roll things that I probably shouldn’t talk about,” she confessed.

About her experience filming Stay Strong, Demi said it was sometimes hard living in a fishbowl. “I felt like a Kardashian. I wasn’t used to having cameras around all the time,” she said. “It was out of comfort zone, but it was definitely an experience. It was for the better.”

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