Bella Thorne Loves Ohio

Bella Thorne made an appearance at the Sandusky ​Mall in Ohio on Sunday (March 11) and judging by the huge crowd, the Shake It Up star has lots of fans in the Buckeye State. And it looks like the feeling is mutual, since the young star tweeted this out during her visit:

“I love Ohio”

Later this month Bella and her TV costar Zendaya will be traveling to Dubai to launch the custom Shake It Up blend at Millions Of Milkshakes, and the14-year-old sounds thrilled – and realistic – about her overseas visit. “We are super excited to go there. And I would be sitting on 18-hour flight…doing school work,” she laughed.

Check out this preview of tonight’s episode of Shake It Up titled, “Judge It Up.”

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  1. Anonymous

    ahhhh i was there!!!

    • Marissa

      SO WAS I!!! 😀 She looked really tired though, I felt bad for her because she looked bored by the time the 2 hour maker passed. At one point someone came up behind her and started rubbing her shoulders!

  2. BELLA!!!

    omg i love her im her BIGGEST FAQN MORE THEN ANYONE

  3. jamyson

    hi thxs for the pic it means alot and i hope ur arm and hand feels better bye <3 jay

  4. CiCi

    If u look in the back i was the one with the PINK hair haha. I loved this!! she looked great but a little wore out! 🙁 hope shes doing fine now 🙂!

  5. jade

    omg the three girls that is right there on the right is the one in the midle is my best friend an the one on the far right is my sister and my other one is my other sister is that funny r what!!!!!!!

  6. X

    Where were you?


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