Hear Cody Simpson’s ‘So Listen’ Here, NOW!

Cody Simpson‘s ‘So Listen’ featuring T-Pain won’t be available on iTunes until Tuesday (March 13), but you can hear it here NOW! Cody tweeted out a link to this audio clip earlier today with the hashtag ‘#SoListen’ and fans quickly chimed in with their overwhelming approval.

#SoListen being released on YouTube has just made my whole entire day 100% better. I’ve been waiting for this all day,” tweeted one listener “No, mom, nothing is wrong. I am screaming because #SoListen by @CodySimpson was just released,” wrote another.

Last month Cody released a live acoustic version of ‘So Listen’ as a Valentine’s gift to his fans. “Valentine’s, I wanted to share this video of me working on an acoustic version of my new single #SoListen with you,” he wrote.

So give ‘So Listen’ a listen, and let us know what you think!

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