It’s Bella Thorne Calling

How would you like to get a personal phone call from Bella Thorne? The Shake It Up star wants to show her appreciation to her fans – or Bellarinas, as they’re called – for taking her new single ‘TTYLXOX’ to the top of the Radio Disney charts. And to do so, she’d like to call them and thank them personally.

The actress/singer is having a contest on her website,, and 7 lucky fans will get a phone call from Bella. She gave out these details on her site:

If TTYLXOX stays at the #1 spot on for a whole week, I’ll PERSONALLY call 7 of you!! (to win this, you have to be in the US)

And if we can get TTYLXOX into the top 25 on iTunes, I’ll Skype with 10 fans (International!) for 5 minutes each too!

Check out her website for details on how you can win – and make sure your cell phone is charged!

Bella started her new site,, to keep her fans up to date on news, announcements and insider information. The site will also feature Bella’s personal blog and a section to interact with her and her online community by sharing thoughts, photos, videos and more.

“My website is not only the place to go get the scoop on my life, but it’s also a place where you can hang out and share what’s going on in YOUR life,” Bella says. “You can create your own profile page, swap ideas and make new friends.”

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  1. Starla

    I think that TTYLXOX is such an amazing and inspiring song. Bella really deserved this. She is such an incredible role model. And I think that TTYLXOX is a great message. And it’s a happy, fun, & catchy song. I love it. As I say again, she really does deserve this. She’s worked so hard. I’m so proud of her. She inspires me so much. TTYLXOX is truly a fantastic song. Love it & Bella. Xo

  2. Wow!!!! ur so preety im ur biggest fan <3

  3. Franzi

    Super Song

  4. Great song, Bella! We hope your song, TTYLXOX stays at the top and breaks records! The best of luck from the TTT Websters!

  5. isabella

    hello before I was bullied as you but I got my strength from you, you are my idol and I struggle every day hoping you respond xoxo and your song helps me to have my before picture

  6. Bellarina

    Oooh my gush..I’m never see something like this..This song is a must wonderful song I ever heard..From the first day I listened to a song, I can not stop singing it .. This song is beautiful just like our Bella .. I am proud to call myself Bellarina.♥ TTYLXOX is a song that will be remember for many years, because it’s so cool that everyone fell in love with her,and I can sing it all day.♥♥♥
    Love ya BELLA ♥♥ :))

  7. Cara

    Omg congratz!! I LOVE TTYLXOX!!! I even bought it in the iTunes store!!! Hehe. It would be sooo cool if a celeb called me or came to my door. I’m never lucky like that thought. Nothing good ever happens too me. 🙁 well good luck Bella! TTYLXOX my fav song….. Yeah *sigh*

  8. hey bella thorne thank you for everything. you inspire me alot. i love ttylxox its catchy when i am sad this song cheers me up. i really love this song and i love you too. i hope i get a call from you . i always see shake it up and you are my favorite. i love this song i cant even describe how wonderful this song is i just love it thats what it matters and i love you too..
    BYE God Bless You and your family 😉

  9. daniela

    hola bella soy tu mayor fan que el mundo aya tenido te kiero mucho y conta conmigo para lo qe quieras en twitter o facebook

  10. Anonymous

    Nice I wanna win this call hahahhaha very mich

  11. Lindsay

    I think the song TTYLXOX is a beautiful song because I think it rocks and I am guessing that it stands for talk to you later kisses and hugs.

  12. Lindsay

    Also I really want to try to talk to Bella Thorne on radio Disney because I think she rocks.

  13. i want to meet bella thorne in person and show her my best moves

  14. i also want to be on shake it up chicago and dance with my favorite dnace partners ever so yeah

  15. i love ttylxox it is saying to like text me and we can be friends itis a really nice and catchy song
    !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!:) i love bella thorne !@!!!

  16. Lia

    OMG!!! Bella, call me!! I love Bella Thorne!!!!!!!!!!!

  17. Taylor

    I <3 u Bella
    ill give everything i have just to skype with u for 5 mins and ill help get TTYLXOX up high
    and if u come to Australia come to South Australia love u


  18. Anonymous

    Hi bella I love ur new hit ttylxox its my fav I love u I really want ur number thanks love olivia

  19. I love TTYLXOX so much I love it so much that I have it as my ring tone and I listen to it every day worndring will I every meet you.and for my birthday am going to your concret I am now happy to call my self bellarena make the right choce love ya Bella thorne xxxxxxxxxx

  20. Keely Hartdegen

    Hey Bella I love u so much! U r a very beautiful person just like zenda
    I with I could be like u! I like to dress like u u inspired me to ask my step mom
    and dad to be an actress! They said no though:( I love u!!! The first time I saw u I knew I would love u and your stile! I’m a very shy person but once I get to know u I will start to be silly and talk to people alot I get picked on alot about just being me and I think it’s unfair!!!!

  21. Keely Hartdegen

    Love u and ttylxox

  22. Emma

    Plz call and I love that song

  23. Emma

    Hey bella your my fav singer ever you and Zendaya inspire me from Emma 🙂

  24. Emma

    Sorry about I’m saying all this but I have a friend called jess and were just like you to were best mates we love to sing and dance and were like sisters so hope like me and my friend and hope u like to give me your number so bye 🙂

  25. Moretiola afuape

    I think TTYLXOX is a really fun song I really love the dance for it.its just a fantastic song you deserve this Bella your such a awesome person,and I really love this song it’s catchy,fun,makes you want to Dance you did a very good job doing this song.

  26. Chandler

    Will you give me you r phone number Bella

  27. christina

    I love u bella so much like even right now I’m crying because I have been looking all day like from 3:00am to now for ur phone number and I have not found it so plz plz plz plz plz plz.plz.plz plz plz plz give me it ( someone ) I’m begging u! =( =< ={

  28. Hi Bella & Zendaya

    I really think your neat. I love your acting and dancing skills. I love to dance as well and hope to be like you one day. Your style is awsome!
    your biggest fan

  29. Ariel

    Hi bella thorne I am ur #1 fan in the whole world and I’m from California and I’m 11 ad u r my idol I get bullied a lot at school an sometimes I say to myself “what would bella do “and my parents r separated and its rough so I struggle a lot and ur problem with ur dad is bigger than mine but I just wish I had a normal life…..well bye hope u respond it will be my dream come true

  30. JOSE

    HI bella i love your style. i have my own style and i always try to look my best just like u i am 10 years old and i wont to be on disny channel just like U


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