Abigail Breslin Is A Fan Of Reality TV

Abigail Breslin says she’s a fan of reality television. The 15-year-old actress recently told  OK! magazine what shows she likes watching.

She said, “Anything on TLC I’ll watch – especially Say Yes to the Dress and What Not To Wear. I did a movie in Winnipeg, and I’d come home every day after work and watch that all night long.”

Another show is American Idol. She said when she worked with Sarah Jessica Parker on New Year’s Eve – they bonded over it.

“We mostly talked about American Idol. I loved everybody last year — I really loved Casey and James Durbin – and Haley, I really liked.”

Asked if she is a fan of the Kardashians – the Little Miss Sunshine star says yes.

Breslin laughed, “I don’t know if I have a favorite – but I definitely have seen the show, and I met Kourtney and Kim once, and they were very sweet. I want to meet Khloe!”

So what’s next for the teen star?

She has two films coming out this year: Stanley M. Brooks’s Perfect Sisters and Wayne Thornley’s animated Zambezia.

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