Big Time Rush: Tour With Cody Simpson Will Be “Bigger & Better” Than Any Other Tour

Big Time Rush is having a big, big year! Their TV movie, Big Time Movie just premiered on Nickelodeon earlier this month, and now the boys are preparing for their big US tour with Cody Simpson that will kickoff in July and continue through September. Recently the band –  Kendall Schmidt, James Maslow, Carlos Pena Jr. and Logan Henderson – sat down for a Q&A with Seventeen magazine and talked about their movie, their tour, and being a real-life hero.

On what they did in the movie, that they wish they could do in real life: “Driving an Aston Martin. I didn’t actually do that because I can’t drive a stick shift,” Logan admitted, while James quipped, “I beat up a few really huge body guards in the movie and I wish I could do that in real life.”

On something heroic they’d love to do: “I’ve been waiting for that one moment where I had to be super heroic and pull a girl out of a car and I lift the car up,” answered Logan.

On their upcoming tour with Cody Simpson: ” It’s going to be bigger and better. This tour is going to be elevated beyond anything we’ve done before,” Kendall said.

“Right now we’re playing shows with about 5,000 people, but this summer it’s going to be for 15,000 to 20,000 people,” Carlos added. “It’s going to be a lot bigger, a lot better, and a lot more songs.”

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  1. SOOOOOO excited!!! Can’t wait!! Love BTR!!!

  2. Maxie

    Hey there! I really want BTR to come to Australia ad perform in Melbourne, I love there music and there show and I want to see them play live really badly! I LOVE BIG TIME RUSH!!!

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