Demi Lovato Sends A Video Message To Her Fans

Demi Lovato is getting ready for the release of her ‘Unbroken’ album, and in advance of that the singer sent out a heartfelt message to her fans about what she’s been struggling with over the past year. In this three-minute video she opens up about being in a treatment center, getting over addictions, and regaining hope as she makes new music.

“I never thought that I would live a life like this, but then one day I woke up and everything had changed,” Demi says. “Last year everything stopped, and for the next three months I woke up in a treatment center every day, away from my family and friends. I spent a lot of time and holidays thinking there. I thought about the sadness that I felt, the pain that I was in, and the addictions that I was struggling from.”

But Demi ends the video on a note of hope for her future. “Most people watching this know all about what happened already. But what they don’t know is what’s about to happen next.”

Check out Demi’s video here – she also gives us a taste of  ‘Fix A Heart’ from her ‘Unbroken’ album.

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