Emma Roberts Dishes On Seventeen’s Pretty Amazing Contest

Emma Roberts has a busy few months ahead. She’s set to co-star with Liam Hemsworth in Empire State shortly.

She tells US Weekly, “It’s really cool — like an ’80s heist movie. I’m really excited about that. I play his love interest.”

She’s also teamed up with Seventeen for its second annual Pretty Amazing contest. The magazine is calling for girls to share their stories of personal achievement for the chance to be on Seventeen’s October 2012 cover and get a $20,000 scholarship. Emma will choose the winner.

The 21-year-old explains, “It’s a cool contest because even the girls who don’t win, the fact that they took the time to sit down and think about something that’s great about themselves, I think takes a lot. A lot of people think that comes off as bragging and they want to [downplay their story]. So I think the fact that these girls are saying, ‘I did do something cool and I am good at this’ is really admirable.”

The actress – who just finished filming Adult World with John Cusack – also shared that she’s grateful for friends when she’s feeling down.

“If I’m having a really bad day, I always have a girlfriend — or even a guy friend — who I can call. They’ll listen to me wallow for a minute and then be like, ‘OK, let’s stop. Everything’s great. Let’s figure out how to fix whatever’s bothering you. I’ve gone through times where you’re feeling low and you don’t reach out to people and you just keep wallowing in that, and I think that’s when things turn into a bigger deal than they need to be. I think it’s important to have people who will pull you out of that, whether it’s family or friends.”

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