Get A Wake-Up Call From Victoria Justice!

Get ride of that alarm clock – wouldn’t you rather be woken up by Victoria Justice instead?

The Victorious actress has teamed up with the Get Schooled Foundation to help kids get up and get to school every day. As part of the ‘Wake Up and Get Schooled’ campaign, students can sign up and get a recorded “get out of bed” message from Victoria and other celebs such as Brandy, Terrence J and Rocsi.

To further encourage young people to get to school, Victoria will also reward those who are working toward the goal of improving their attendance. Once they’ve signed up for a wake up call, students are automatically entered into the ‘Wake Up with Victoria Justice’ sweepstakes and are eligible to win a special pre-taped personal message and autographed ‘all day every day’ Get Schooled t-shirt.

“Success requires focus, drive and determination, whether you are striving to get ahead in academics, the music business or life itself,” Victoria stressed. “I am excited to partner with Get Schooled to encourage more students to wake up and get to school every day with renewed focus and motivation.”

To find out more about the ‘Wake Up and Get Schooled’ campaign and to sign up for your wake-up call, go to

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  1. I hope this really works I love Selena

  2. Ily

  3. I get up at 6:00

  4. I hope this is some serious biz.


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