Jennifer Lawrence Is Gorgeous In Green

Wow! Looking worlds away from her tomboy character Katniss, Jennifer Lawrence stunned in a green dress with plunging neckline as she arrived at a special screening of The Hunger Games in New York City on Tuesday (March 20).

The 21-year-old finished off her outfit with sky-high strappy sandals. Definitely not to be worn while running across a field to bludgeon your opponent.

Jennifer recently talked to Parade magazine about her skyrocketing fame, and how The Hunger Games make a statement on our fascination with reality TV. “I’ve never played a part this famous,” she said. “It’s insane to get recognized from a movie that hasn’t been released yet. That’s just bizarre. And scary.”

And that fame can come at a price. “I was watching the Kardashian girl getting divorced, and that’s a tragedy for anyone. But they’re using it for entertainment, and we’re watching it. The books hold up a terrible kind of mirror: This is what our society could be like if we became desensitized to trauma and to each other’s pain.”


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  1. Anonymous

    She isn’t Peeta; she’s Katniss.

  2. Lisa


  3. X

    So am I to assume there won’t be this much cleavage in the movie? What a shame


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