Lilly Collins: Audrey Hepburn Inspired Me In ‘Mirror Mirror’

Lilly Collins has been doing press for her new movie Mirror Mirror and sharing personal insights into her young life. She recently sat down with Teen Hollywood to talk about her new movie, dating, and her looks.

If you didn’t know – the 23-year-old daughter of Phil Collins used to be a journalist – writing for magazines such as Seventeen, Elle and Cosmogirl.

On why she dropped being a writer to do acting: “Acting has always been something I’ve loved. I started at age 2 and then did a show in England and when I moved here, [to the States] I did stage theater, plays, musicals and I was auditioning from the age of 15 or 16 but was told I was too green and was told “no” as you are when you have no experience. Of course I was green.  So I wanted to do something that few young people were doing and get experience at the same time and Journalism seemed to be a field that none were in.”

On her dating pet peeve: “Texting while you are on a date with me! They’re texting and I’m like “Well, I put MY phone away!” I feel like a lot of young women would say that. “Hellooo, I’m right here!”

On sword fighting in Mirror Mirror: “Surprisingly I never tripped in the dress running through the trees in the heels. I was so happy about that. With the sword fighting, Armie [Hammer who plays her prince] and I never practiced until the day before because we wanted that big sequence to be as genuinely awkward as possible. In real life, it wouldn’t be choreographed.”

On having an Audrey Hepburn vibe in the movie: “I’m honored because she was a huge inspiration for me with this character, even the physical look at the end with the bangs. That was definitely something that we talked about but just her nature in general. She’s so timeless and she said so much with her eyes without saying anything at all. I loved her posture, the way she carried herself. She could be so endearing and make you cry and laugh. I loved her demeanor. A total class act. I just loved her in life so to be able to bring a little of her to this character was something I hope will come across.”

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