Miranda Cosgrove: Slumber Party On The Set

Miranda Cosgrove looked pretty comfy as she kicked back in her pajamas on the set of her show iCarly. The actress was studying her script when she was snapped by the show’s producer Dan Schneider.

Going over my lines in my pajamas…photo cred to @danwarp 😉

Besides a full schedule filming her hit Nickelodeon show, the 18-year-old is busy being ‘the face’ of Neutrogena, and she’s been helping the skin care brand educate teens on skin safety. Just say ‘No’ to tanning beds, Miranda says.

“I don’t think teens realize the consequences associated with tanning,” she cautioned. “It’s important for me to help people my age realize that tanning can be dangerous and, in the long run, not worth a tan.”

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  1. Eder Mazariegos

    Cool pajamas! Lol! Also, I wish you all the best of luck in learning your script!

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