Bella Is A Vampire: New ‘Breaking Dawn 2’ Trailer

See Bella. See Bella run. See Bella run really, really fast.

That’s because in this latest trailer for The Twilight Saga: Breaking Dawn Part 2, you’ll get your first peek at Kristen Stewart‘s Bella after she’s made the transformation from girl to vampire. Bloodthirsty!

The movie won’t hit theaters until November 16, but Twihards will revel in this 40-second clip that starts off with a serene shot of the Washington mountains before cutting to Bella as she races through the forest. There’s also a scene of the neophyte vampire admiring her wedding ring as Edward (Robert Pattinson) whispers ”We’re the same temperature now.” And of course, once again – the requisite shot of Jacob (Taylor Lautner) in an ab-solutely tight shirt.

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