Lily Collins Is Live In New York

Lily Collins was met by a few fans as she arrived at the studios of New York Live! in New York City on Tuesday (March 27). The young star signed autographs before heading inside to talk about her new film, Mirror Mirror.

The actress – who plays Snow White against Julia Roberts‘ Evil Queen in the movie – just turned 23 last week and was surprised with a birthday celebration at the Mirror Mirror premiere after-party.

Amidst the whirlwind surrounding the release of the movie, Lily recently talked about working to keep her life as normal as possible. “I have no idea what will happen after Mirror Mirror but I love that I can still do what I want to do on a weekend, like go to the flea market,” she told Nylon magazine.

“I don’t ever want that to stop. I won’t want to suddenly have to sacrifice parts of myself, and I don’t feel like I am, knowing that people are going to be more interested in my personal life. I never did go out and party! I never did do the whole drinking, drugs…That wasn’t ever me and is never gonna be me.”



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