Lauren Conrad Hopes ‘The Fame Game’ Will Get Young Girls To Enjoy Reading

Lauren Conrad arrived at The Wendy Williams Show in New York City on Monday morning (April 2). The former Hills reality star was there to promote her new book The Fame Game. She happily signed autographs for fans outside.

The Fame Game is part of a new trilogy of books following young Hollywood hopefuls trying to get a new spin-off reality series.Conrad says a lot of what she’s written is taken from her real life.

According to Entertainment Weekly she says, “The most fun for me is being able to tell all the little tricks that people do in the media. Mostly, the shameless ones in terms of calling their own photographers and leaking their own stories, the little things that people don’t really know about but everyone in the industry knows.”

The 26-year-old added, “My editor would always go, ‘I don’t know if this seem realistic. Is this something that could actually happen?’ I would say, ‘that did happen. That’s a real story.’”

She hopes that her books are entertaining.

“One of my biggest goals, especially with writing YA novels, is just to have people enjoy reading. I remember being in high school and it was so forced because everything I read through most of school was assigned reading. I love the idea of giving girls a book that they can read and enjoy reading.”

The second book in the trilogy, Starstruck, and Conrad’s beauty book are due in November.


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