Victoria Justice: Highlight Of The Day

Victoria Justice posted a photo of herself looking rather bright on Thursday (April 5).

She Tweeted: “I feel like a human highlighter today! Haha. You’ll be able 2 spot me anywhere! :{P”

The 19-year-old shows she has a sense of humor on her fashion attire. Wearing a neon green top with a matching handbag – she smiles while also holding a highlighter.

In a recent interview with Parade magazine the Victorious star admits she’s still single and figuring out dating.

She said, “I’m still trying to figure out this whole dating while being in the industry thing out. It seems very complicated. I think there are pros and cons to both. If they are in the industry, they will be more understanding of the crazy schedule and the hours and working a lot. But then there is also the downside where if they are working a lot too, when do you get to see each other? Constantly traveling and missing each other — that could be really difficult too. If they’re not in the industry, you can spend more time with them. But as long as you are with the right person it obviously doesn’t matter.”

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Photo credit: Victoria Justice Twitter

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