Pretty Little Liars’ Tyler Blackburn Releases Debut Single ‘Find A Way’

Pretty Little Liars star Tyler Blackburn has just released his first track Find A Way.

Ryan Seacrest aired what the actor said last week about his feelings on starting on the debut single.

“I was nervous in the beginning, but knew I had to literally just dive in and do it. Because I recorded it in a matter of hours. It ended up being just awesome.”

Tyler plays resident bad boy Caleb Rivers on the ABC Family series. In an interview with We Love Soaps – he talked about getting the part.

He said, “Well, when I first auditioned and I got the sides for Caleb, I just thought he was a great character. I got some backstory about Hanna’s character and she was sort of a spitfire, and I just felt like Caleb was able to keep up, and I liked that. But, it’s funny, when I saw a big billboard for the show—I think right before it came out—and it looked sort of edgy and it was, like four beautiful girls, and I was like, “I could totally be on that show.” So then I got the audition, and I was like, “Wow, this is very fortuitous.” And I auditioned, and I just felt like it was a good place for me. So it all worked out really great.”

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