Justin Bieber & Taylor Swift Are Making Music Together!

Calm down, Selena Gomez fans – there’s nothing naughty going on between Justin Bieber and Taylor Swift. The two superstars are literally making music together. In fact, Selena is the one that broke the news to Ryan Seacrest that her boyfriend and her BFF are about to release a duet that they’ve already recorded.

“They did write a song together when they did the Punk’d episode. It’s beautiful. It’s amazing,” Selena told Ryan on KIIS-FM on Friday (April 20). “I don’t know if it will make the album, but if not, I’m sure they’ll release it at some point, because it’s a really great record.

“It’s kind of like…it’s Taylor and Justin combined. So it’s a little bit of an upbeat song, but it’s very acoustic.”

Looks like Justin is busy with the duets these days – along with an unreleased tune he recorded with protege Carly Rae Jepsen, there’s that rumored collaboration with Cody Simpson that’s supposed to be in the works. So, who else would you like to see Justin duet with?

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