Jennifer Lawrence In Talks To Star In ‘Glass Castle’

Jennifer Lawrence is getting lots of work due to the success of The Hunger Games. reports the 21-year-old actress is in talks to star in Lionsgate’s The Glass Castle: A Memoir. Written by gossip columnist Jeanette Walls – the screenplay is based on the book published in 2005. The story is about Walls’ difficult childhood with her “dysfunctional but vibrant” family.

The memoir was such a success it was on The New York Times bestseller list for over 250 weeks.

It seems like Lawrence is branching out into different types of roles. She has confessed it took her three days to accept the part of Katniss Everdeen.

She explained, “It was just a huge decision that I didn’t feel could be made in a phone call. There’s not a lot of decisions that you make that will change your life forever. And it will never go back. I didn’t know if i was ready for my life to veer in this direction yet.”

And what a direction her career is taking! She’s also currently filming with Bradley Cooper for Serena.


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  1. Zaeem

    Loved the hunger games and cannot wait for Catching Fire the movie.I love you Jennifer Lawrence!!


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