Zac Efron Gets Video Fan Treat

Zac Efron on WhoSay

Zac Efron was all smiles as he watched a fan video created for him.

His team wrote on his WhoSay account: “LOVED your video,so we sent it to Zac! Here’s his special message to all the Zattackers, Ninjas & Sweethearts. -TeamZE”

The 24-year-old watches at a desk and is seen grinning ear-to-ear. After the video ends he says, “I feel great. Thank you, I’m blown away.”

He also Tweeted: “Hey guys thank you for the video message. My heart is warm – Z”

Nice to know the ladies out there made his day! The Lucky One star recently told Showbiz Spy that he enjoys being in love.

He said, “I enjoy romance. I think that’s why we’re here. It’s one of the best feelings you can have, falling in love. It doesn’t always have to work out, but when you’re in it, it’s still the best feeling in the world.”

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