Taylor Swift Tweets Photos Of Her Cat Meredith

Taylor Swift loves her cat Meredith so much she has posted a few photos of her feline friend on her Twitter page.

She writes: “Meredith in various displays of bad posture. This is happening a lot lately.”

In one that shows mostly the cat’s eyes she adds, “I think Meredith & I just got in our first fight.”

Swift named the cat after Ellen Pompeo’s character on Grey’s Anatomy.

Last November she told US Weekly, “She’s awesome. She’s like one of those cats that give cats a good name. She doesn’t hide under furniture and get weird around people. She’s really friendly and fun and she’s perfect for the road because she doesn’t ever get freaked out. So I’m really glad that she has a cool personality.”

As for Taylor Swift music news – it looks like one of her songs has made it into a Glee episode. E! News reports that co-creator Ryan Murphy announced the news on May 1 while at the TV Academy’s event honoring the show. He said Mean will be featured in a couple of weeks. A nice connection since Swift is BFF with Dianna Agron!

Photos: Taylor Swift’s Twitter

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