Chloë Moretz Plays After ‘Dark Shadows’ Premiere

So what’s a girl to do after her movie makes its big London debut? If you’re Chloë Moretz, you go back to your hotel room and ride your zebra, of course. The Dark Shadows actress was in a playful mood after her big night, and posted this pic to Twitter and said:

This is what I do when I get back to the Hotel after my #darkshadows #londonpremiere

In a few months, the 15-year-old star won’t have to rely on any animals for transportation – she’ll be old enough to get her permit to drive a car. “In August I get my permit, so I’ll be kind of driving,” she told Vanity Fair. The Los Angeles-based actress says that while she’s excited to get behind the wheel, she considers it more of a necessity than a perk. “I have to. I want to live in L.A.—I don’t really have a choice.”

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