Miranda Cosgrove: We Don’t Know If We’ll Do More ‘iCarly’

Miranda Cosgrove talks about her show iCarly, going to college and dating in an interview with Teen Vogue. The 19-year-old is ready to start her studies in the fall and with the question of iCarly’s future – she wonders how she’s going to leave it behind.

She admits, “It’s weird when your biggest success is something that you’re also trying to break out of.”

On expanding her acting roles she says that’s a challenge.

“It’s hard to find something that’s a little bit edgy but that everyone can still watch. I’m waiting to find something right.”

Her show is so big – even Brad Pitt watches it. When he told a reporter, “iCarly is big in our house … I know every episode” – her phone started ringing. Miranda – who reportedly earns $180,000 an episode – reveals, “All my friends were calling, saying, ‘Can you believe Brad Pitt knows who you are?!’ It was insane.”

As for school she’s going to USC to major in film. And she would like to date someone “who lives in L.A.”

“I’ll meet someone and they’ll be traveling all the time. Someone here—that would help a lot!” she continues.

So is this the final season for iCarly?

She shares, “We don’t know if we’ll do more episodes. I’m looking at this as the last season. Though we said that last year.”

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