Cody Simpson: No Song With Justin Bieber On New Album

Console yourselves, Cody Simpson and Justin Bieber fans – the two won’t be making music together anytime soon. Cody has confirmed that the rumored collaboration with his fellow heartthrob won’t be on his June 5 release. “I don’t think so, not this time around,” he said.

But don’t give up on the idea just yet. The 14-year-old Aussie singer says he and Justin are just waiting for the right time and the perfect tune. “You know a lot of work goes into putting a great song together, you know, especially when there’s two people involved,” Cody said. “We have lots of ideas and we have to break it down.

“It has to be the right song. You can’t put out a song just for the sake of putting one out. So we’ll see, we’ll see.”

One thing that is happening for sure – Cody‘s tour with Big Time Rush. “It’s going to be very cool,” he says of the summer blitz that kicks off on July 5. “I think a lot of people are very excited. I’ve been chatting with Big Time Rush about putting on a really great show and it’s going to be really good.”

And this is one collaboration that will take place. When asked if they’d be taking the stage together Cody answered, “I’m sure!”


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