Behind-The-Scenes Of Justin Bieber & Usher’s ‘Billboard’ Cover Shoot

Justin Bieber joins his mentor Usher on the cover of the latest issue of Billboard magazine, and the two friends just released this behind-the-scenes look at their photo shoot. Hint: Lots of cars, motorcycles and sunglasses.

Inside the magazine – which is a special edition for the 2012 Billboard Music Awards – the two give plenty of props to each other; Usher raves about his protege’s latest hit, and Justin talks about the valuable lessons he’s learned from industry vet Usher.

Usher, on ‘Boyfriend’: “He’s always been a dope MC. C’mon. Easy. ‘Boyfriend‘ was really the defining moment; it became No. 1 everywhere, which is what dreams are made of. Both of us are being modest about what our journeys have been in terms of songwriting: Justin really has participated in every writing session -that’s amazing. It’s easy to just dial something in, but if you make the music authentic, people feel connected to you as an artist from the beginning.”

Justin, on what he’s learned from his mentor: “What’s great is that in Usher, I have a mentor that’s been doing it so long and has been successful in everything that he’s done. He’s made some mistakes, too, but he’s learned from them, so he can tell me what to do and what not to do.”

For more of Justin and Usher‘s interview, check out!

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