Cody Simpson Covers John Mayer’s ‘Daughters’

Forget to give your mom a Mother’s Day gift this past weekend? Well, here’s something better than that itchy sweater you were going to buy her. Cody Simpson did a cover of John Mayer’s sweet ‘Daughters’ for his mom Angie, and he’s sending it out to your mom, too. He posted this video and wrote:

“Happy Mother’s Day! Dedicating this John Mayer classic to all the mum’s out in the world, especially mine”

Maybe this will soothe some of those fans who are still disappointed over the news that the Aussie heartthrob won’t be duetting with pal Justin Bieber. After much speculation Cody has confirmed that the rumored collaboration won’t be on his June 5 release. “I don’t think so, not this time around,” he said.

“You know a lot of work goes into putting a great song together, you know, especially when there’s two people involved,” he added. “We have lots of ideas and we have to break it down. It has to be the right song. You can’t put out a song just for the sake of putting one out. So we’ll see, we’ll see.”

Maybe a duet with John Mayer is in Cody’s future?

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  1. Patrick

    I did a cover of cody’s song Wish u were here 🙂 check it out thanks SO much!


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