Leighton Meester Focusing On Music As ‘Gossip Girl’ Ends

Leighton Meester is concentrating on music now! Since Gossip Girl will air its sixth and final season this fall – the 25-year-old can now focus on performing her own tunes.

She’s already re-located to California – explaining that they don’t have to shoot more scenes until July.

She tells Wetpaint,  “We don’t go back to New York until July, and we only have four months of shooting [Season 6] so […] it’s kind of a good thing and a bad thing. I’m excited to for it to end because I’m ready for a new chapter […],  and at the same time, the thing I’ll miss the most is the people that I work with. Everyone’s like family — the crew [and] everyone that we work with every day in New York.”

Her first tour kicks off May 29 and she’ll be playing with her band and longtime pals Check in the Dark, whom she calls her “musical soul mates.”

Music is her passion as she compares it to acting.

“[Playing Blair] is intense, but music is intense in a different way [and] in a very personal way. When I play a character, it’s pretty much the exact opposite. I mean, I do find parts of the character in myself — and it’s absolutely rewarding to be able to draw from experiences of my own, but the music is my experience. It’s what I’m feeling in that moment. I feel like the songs I’ve written these past couple years, that we’re going to be performing [on the tour], they really are an expression of how I felt [at that moment] […]. It’s completely different [than acting], it’s a different art form — and I’m really, really glad that I have it  because it’s part of what keeps me sane — if I can call myself that.”

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