Shay Mitchell: Pretty & Pampered

Shay Mitchell was seen leaving a nail salon in Beverly Hills, Calif. on Monday (May 21). The Pretty Little Liars star wore a pretty floral dress and matching colored handbag for the outing.

In a recent interview with The Hollywood Reporter – Shay talks about how her character Emily will change now that “A” is revealed.

“I think it changes things for Emily because you’ve just killed her girlfriend. “A” has done other things before that have been quite serious, but now you’ve killed somebody who’s extremely close to her. Another person. For Emily, it’s no more “Mrs. Nice Emily,” it’s not going to fly. You took it way too far. Emily is now coming back into season three with a vengeance.”

The 25-year-old actress is also hosting a fashion-centric web series called Beauty Smarties.

Explaining why she decided to take part she says, “I think it also stems from the fact that I have a beauty and a health section [on my website] and I talk about those things on my website and any social media platform that I have. I’ve never shied away from telling people that I’m a beauty girl. It was a really natural fit in that regard.”


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