Ashley Benson & Keegan Allen: Night Out At Chateau Marmont

Pretty Little Liars co-stars Ashley Benson and Keegan Allen left the Chateau Marmont together in West Hollywood, Calif. on Tuesday (May 29). Keegan held Ashley’s hand as they walked down the steps. The actress seemed preoccupied on the phone. Tyler Blackburn was also partying with the pair but isn’t seen in these photos.

Ashley is in the new Spring Breakers movie with Selena Gomez and Vanessa Hudgens. But don’t expect it to be a movie for teens to see.

The actress said in Interview magazine, “For Selena, Vanessa, and me, our audience is all in their teens or younger, so they’re not even going to be able to see this when it comes out—it’s not appropriate. Harmony [Korine] wanted to break us all out of the good-girl mold.”

As for Keegan – who plays Toby Cavanaugh in the ABC Family series – working on the Pretty Little Liars set is still a mystery at times.

He has said, “It’s very true that we get information; we might go to the writers and plead and plead, “Please tell me what this means or what’s going to happen.” Sometimes they might tell us, but everything gets changed so rapidly. As the actor, it’s nice to know what’s going to happen, but sometimes it’s not so nice. The writers do a really great job of give-and-take with us and when we go to table-reads collectively, we all gasp and are so thrown for a loop ourselves. It’s this roller coaster that we all go on as an ensemble, writers included. It’s really great and they do such a great job keeping all of us on the edge of our seats, so much so that even when I’m watching the show and know what’s going to happen, I’m still biting my nails off.”


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