Victoria Justice: Munchin’ Before MTV Movie Awards Appearance

Victoria Justice Tweeted a photo of herself before she hit the red carpet at the MTV Movie Awards on Sunday (June 3).

The Victorious star wrote: “Munchin’ on some popcorn on the way 2 the @MTV movie awards! How appropriate ;{). #KeepItCool folks”

The 19-year-old wore an asymmetrical white and yellow Erin Featherston dress with a black belt for the event.

On Monday she posted a much different look – this time with face cream!

“In case u guys were wondering what I did after the awards last night…”

Victoria is so photogenic and of course talented. In an interview with XEX magazine – she responded to being called the “new teen queen of television”.

She said, “I don’t know about “the new teen queen” but I definitely feel part of a very privileged club. I feel very grateful and I feel like right now there’s no better time to be doing what I’m doing. It’s such an amazing platform to launch from and it will be interesting to see where we all are five years from now, stay tuned.”

Photos: Victoria Justice’s Twitter

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