Miranda Cosgrove On ‘iCarly’: “It’s Not Really The End”

Miranda Cosgrove has posted a photo of her co-star Nathan Kress helping with her jewelry on the set of iCarly. She wrote: “@nathankress being all gentlemanly and helping me with my bracelet”

The actress and the rest of the iCarly cast completed their 100th episode in March.

In an interview with MTV Cosgrove explained, “We just hit our 100th episode — it was really exciting that we got to do that before the end.I’ve got a ton of messages from Twitter and Facebook and everything, and it’s awesome. I mean, a lot of people have been watching since they were our age when we started, so they grew up watching it. So I think it’s really sweet.”

Some of her favorite episodes?

“We’ve had a lot of fun filming. We did a Halloween episode; we did two Halloween episodes now. But the first one we did was really fun. I was like 13, and I got to wear this crazy bug costume and that was just a fun one. [It was] like when we first started [when we made it] and we were all just really excited and the show had just come out. So I really like that one.”

Talking about filming their last episode this month she admits, “I don’t know how it’s going to end. I mean, ‘Freaks and Geeks’ is one of my favorite series, and I really like the way it ends ’cause it’s just like another episode and it’s like their [lives are] gonna go on. It’s not really the end.”

As for the fall – she’ll be starting her studies at the University of Southern California.

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