Avan Jogia Has Found True Love

Ahhh, true love. Avan Jogia has found it, and it’s in the form of a Double-Double and a chocolate shake. The Victorious actor posted this photo and wrote:

“So much love in my eyes.”

Avan was recently named on the list of Us Magazine’s 100 Cutest Guys – could a hamburger and fries be the secret to his good looks?

The 20-year-old did reveal the magic behind his fabulous, naturally tousled hair.  “I have sleepy hair. I just take a good sleep on [it],” he told Nickelodeon News.

The actor was also asked if could reveal any embarrassing incidents while filming his hit series with Victoria Justice. “With Victorious we’ve been working together for so long, there’s nothing that can happen that’s really that embarrassing,” Avan said. “We’re just such a, kind of a unit, we’ve been sluggin’ away for so long. We’re three years doing this, so this is my family. It’s not one of those sets where like we work and then it’s like, ‘ugh I can’t handle these people.’ But there’s nothing that could really happen that I’d be super embarrassed about.”


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