Liam Hemsworth: Filming Day In New Orleans

Liam Hemsworth worked on his new film Empire State in New Orleans, LA on Wednesday (June 20). The actor was seen by a car and milling about on set. His fiancee Miley Cyrus wasn’t in town though she was with him on June 8.

After the success of The Hunger Games – the 22-year-old says he still feels the same.

He said, “I haven’t really changed that much. I still do the things that I’ve always done. It’s just that I’m at a different level now in terms of my career. I’m able to meet extremely talented filmmakers and writers and directors – everyone in the business.

“I’m just in a different position than I’ve ever been in. But, you know, my personal life hasn’t changed. I still go surfing and hang out with friends. I just feel very lucky to be where I am and to be able to make movies.”



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