Dianna Agron’s Pet Portrait

It’s a portrait of a girl, her cat…and her unicorn! Dianna Agron posed with her pet in front of a black velvet painting and posted it on Tumblr. She wrote:

“Then this photo happened. I can’t even….eyes everywhere”

Now that Glee is on hiatus, what’s up next for the 26-year-old actress? There are rumors circulating that Dianna will be taking on the role of Johanna in The Hunger Games sequel, Catching Fire – which is set to start filming this fall.

But back to Glee – what fans really want to know is what’s next in the romance between Dianna’s character Quinn and love interest, Joe Hart, played by Glee Project winner Samuel Larsen. “In a way, I think it’s Joe’s time to be heartbroken,” Samuel told The Hollywood Reporter. “It ended out of nowhere, and in a really weird way and being the homeschooled kid, he has never had to deal with his heart being broken before. So that would be interesting to see, especially for the first time.”

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Photo credit: Dianna Agron Tumblr

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