Zendaya Goes Retro

Who’s that girl? It’s Zendaya, all made-up for an upcoming episode of Shake It Up titled ‘Rock And Roll It Up.’ Dig the big hair and glasses!

In the episode – that will air on July 1 – Rocky (Zendaya), and CeCe (Bella Thorne) have a flashback sequence that puts them in a teen dance show from the 1950′s.

In an interview earlier this month with Celebrity Teen Scoop, Zendaya gave some great advice to young people who might have dreams of stardom – maybe on a future episode of Shake It Up?

“[Make sure] it’s a true passion of yours and something you really believe in,” the 15-year-old advised. “Like for us – or for Rocky and Cece – they really have a passion for dancing, and they didn’t let anything stop them. Of course they had some trials and tribulations along the way but they went for their dreams and that’s what I say you have to do.”

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