Liam Hemsworth: Keeping Cool On ‘Empire State’

Liam Hemsworth spent the day shooting scenes in hot and humid weather for Empire State in Queens, NY on Saturday (July 7). Acting along Michael Angarano – the Aussie actor was in character dressed in a white shirt, burgundy pants and a gold chain.

He plays Chris Potamitis – a Greek American living in Astoria who robs an armored car depository.

According to – Miley Cyrus’ dad Billy Ray Cyrus is supportive of the engaged couple.

The insider reveals, “Billy Ray is so supportive of Miley and totally adores Liam. Billy is the one dad every daughter wishes they had if they were getting married, because he’s so comforting and loving and supports Miley to the fullest. He absolutely loves Liam and adores them together. He’s incredibly supportive, and that is comforting to both Miley and Liam.”

The source added, “He’s welcomed Liam into their family — he’s not that overbearing father most girls have, especially when they get engaged. The most important thing to Billy is Miley’s happiness, and Liam makes her happy. He makes her more than happy. And that’s all Billy wants is for Miley to be happy. Billy’s so soft inside he’d probably cry at the wedding more than his wife Tish. He loves Miley so much and wants her to be on ‘cloud ten’ — if there’s such a thing. Everyone is so supportive and it’s a really happy time for everyone.”




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