Happy 21st Birthday Mitchel Musso!

Today is Mitchel Musso’s 21st birthday. The actor – who voices the character Jeremy on Disney’s Phineas and Ferb – took to his Twitter account to announce the news.

He wrote: “21 babes!!! An I’m lOvin it”

Mitchel also was on Pair of Kings and starred as Oliver Oken in Hannah Montana.

Besides acting music is also his passion. In 2010 he talked to MTV about his album Brainstorm. He made a music video for all eight songs on the album to create a storyline.

He explained, “Honestly, I just wanted to make it different. And I figured trying to tell this fluid story and making a music video for every single song [would achieve that]; just so the message would be portrayed. Overall, I felt it told a pretty fluid story and that’s the way that we wrote it.”




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  1. Didi

    Happy birthday Brady!!
    I do miss on Pair of Kings…

  2. Noname

    I wish you were still on Pair of Kings
    The isnt the same with Adam Hicks. 🙁


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