Cody Simpson Wishes You Were Here

Cody Simpson released a trailer for his upcoming web program on The Warner Sound, the ‘Wish You Were Here Summer Series.’ The singer has been teasing the series on Twitter, and he’s finally giving fans a sneak peek at what he’s got in store.

Every Friday Cody will release a new episode and promises a “party everyday with me and my crew,” so how can you resist? Check it out:

Of course, fans are equally excited about the release of Cody‘s first full length album, Paradise, in October. Recently the 15-year-old talked about how he’s preparing for all the projects he’s got ahead of him.

“I just love music and I love to work hard, and that’s what I’ve been doing for the last two years since I got my record deal, and I’m more than prepared,” he said. “I’m very motivated and I always stay motivated, and I’m very dedicated to what I do when I set my mind to something. It’s pretty much the music 24/7 for me. I’m ready for this year and 2013.”

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